At lunch the owner was talking about a farm just outside Montepulciano that sells its produce direct. So rather than buy in the tourist shops, off I went in search. Montepulciano is a slightly larger hillside town than Pienza and once again breathtaking when you first see it in the distance

I had a wander and then off in search of the farm.  Success!  A lovely lady helped me choose after tasting 10 day old, 3 month and 6 month and vintage (years!) varieties.  Purchases made I was off.

Monticchiello is a small town tucked away.  Ever adventurous I took the via Blanca- the white road- mostly dust and scree with an added element of danger – well the car is already scratched so whatever!

Worth a visit.  Sleepy yes but probably unbearable in high season.  A medieval charm


Hot and tired, back to the farm for a swim and chill.

Last day tomorrow.  What will I squeeze in?