The gateway to history ….



I didn’t want to miss going to Siena even if briefly.   I had a relaxing start to the day, packed up the car and had a final swim.

Then a goodbye to the lovely Simona.  What a fantastic host.  I will definitely return and recommend their place.  A gem.

20 km northward I arrived at Porta Romana, the gateway into Siena.  Not too long to spend here I walked in towards the Piazza del Campo.   Famous for the bi-annual Palio-  horse race – around the square it’s a must see, however full of tourists!!

It is thought that Siena was founded by two sons of Remus who took the wolf emblem so these are seen across the city.

There is also evidence all across the city of places to tether the horses.

But mostly it’s a lovely city to visit. I wish I’d had more time but you always need something to go back to


And for lunch…..well as it was my last day it had to be pizza