After the peace I drove to Pienza via Bagno Vignoni.  It’s one of the towns with a thermal spring…and a speed camera apparently.  Not having much luck with cars this holiday!

Onwards to Pienza…


A hilltop town famous for its cheese-amongst other things. Unlike other Tuscan cheese that produce their cheese in the round, here it is differentiated by being oval shaped!

A meander around the town


Then a perfect time to stop for lunch. A shaded courtyard at Latte Di Luna.  A plate of spaghetti but local style- pici- a thicker version that’s almost like noodles. Of course I had to have with truffles – again another great lunch.


To be honest it was unexpectedly good. When I first sat down I wasn’t filled with confidence. It’s very touristy there.

An espresso and I was off. On my way back to the car I popped into an art gallery. I was tempted as it was an English artist plus I loved the look of the paintings. Fortune would have it she was there and we started to chat. We got on to travelling solo after a certain age and if she’s reading this now… go for it!  It’s given me a lot of joy, adventures and new friends along the way.  And hopefully when I return we can have a Spritz and talk about one of your new adventures!