I’ve always wanted to visit Sicily. In fact when I was deciding where to spend my 5 week sabbatical two years ago the choice was between Sicily and Puglia. Puglia made it to the top of the list but my desire to visit Sicily hasn’t diminished so this September I will finally be going.

It’s a change for me in many ways.  I’ll miss not having a top up of Puglia (unless I squeeze a quick trip in sometime before or after) but also it’s my first organised trip to Italy. I’ll be on a group trip with an itinerary and transfers and local guides.  I’ve mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand I’ll get to see a lot without the hassle. On the other I’ll be limited to what I see and for how long and when. And with whom…… It’s going to be interesting!

So i’m going quiet for a while but meet me in Sicilia.


A night out in Bari

The clouds don’t stay for long here and by early evening it was looking lovely again.  I met up with a friend who I know from the UK but is actual from Bari.  So I had an insiders view.

We started with an aperitivo at a converted fish market.  So it’s right on the water with stunning views of the sunset.


Then we wandered into the old city where the crowds were already gathering and a low humming sound drew us to a local delicacy – fried polenta.


Eaten with salt like chips it’s delicious!

We then had a stroll around while we waited for our table at a fantastic restaurant. La uascezze. if you want to go or have a look.


And then to dinner.  Fave e cicorie is a Puglia dish that I love. That with fresh burrata and I was in foodie heaven!  A lovely glass or two of rosata to wash it down.  Great company, great food, great location……

A perfect end to this trip.

And then to Bari..

What a change of pace.  People everywhere and shops and cars.  I quickly escaped into the old part of the city.  The old ladies had been out making orecchiette on the street.  Some were wrapped up ready to be taken home.


Then a wander around the Cathedral piazza


before going inside….  Today they had opened up deep into the archeological dig where a stunning mosaic lies beneath the main cathedral






Three days that have flown by….

Today was my relax day.  I sat on the roof terrace and read.  Quite a luxury really.  I can’t remember the last time I did this.  It’s been a while.

Then tonight my lovely Gio, tour guide extraordinare, drove up from Ostuni to meet me for dinner.  Pre meeting him I went for a little stroll. It’s hot and humid here today so walking around to find a breeze was necessary.

I never tire of seeing these gorgeous balconies covered in flowers.

Then Gio arrived and with him the fabulous Bobby and two new friends in the making, Maria and Ian.  Great easy evening.  Good wine and good company.

And now I’m sitting on my little balcony enjoying the evening cool breeze and wondering why only 3 days.  It’s just not enough.

And tomorrow I go to Bari for one night.  So busy day tomorrow!

A night for a stroll

It’s a warm night here in Polignano.  Some of the neighbours are keeping cool and discussing the day’s events as they sit outside their houses.


I went for a stroll down to the promenade to look at the sea.  Apparently dolphins frequently can be seen but usually early in the morning. But you never know.

I then walked further away from the historic centre and found lots of little shops full of locals.  I love when that happens.

My new job….


IMG_3915My new day job. Translating for il capitano who spoke limited English! My Italian is improving….. This is the way to live.

A fantastic hour and a half going along the coastline by boat with Dorino boat trips. A new view of Polignano and in and out of grottos. Met up with a family friend, Margaret, who is here with a friend of hers, Susie, and we had great fun getting soaked as the boat sped along.

Then off for a fab lunch.  My first orecchiette of this trip!   Delicious.