Knights Templar at Museo Faggiano and other angelic things

Despite the threat of rain, the gods have been kind and it’s been a dry but windy day.  To give my “first time in Lecce friend” a taste of the history here – as if walking around doesn’t demonstrate that enough – we went to Museo Faggiano.  This was someone’s home until renovation work revealed the mysteries below the plaster. Walls from the Middle Ages, signs of the Knights Templar, tombs, silos, underground walkways.  All found here. Tiles embedded in the walls to stop the damp, ceilings made from 600 earthenware jugs to enhance light, and the fleur of the Templar to ward off evil. A jewel of a find.


And I always love strolling around




Ceglie and growing old gracefully….

Today is my birthday and I have been royally spoilt. I have gorgeous friends who have sent me lovely messages. Sono fortunata!

Today was a visit to Ceglie.  It’s a small town near Ostuni and also the hometown of one of my work colleagues.  It’s very pretty with a lovely town square, pretty church, small castle and many lanes to wander down

The restaurant that had been recommended to me was fully booked so we had to move on  but not before spotting this


And being given fruit in the hope of a kiss from Cosmo  – this gorgeous fellow



To Ostuni for a lovely lunch sitting outside in the sunshine.  Two or so hours later we went for a stroll passing these two fabulous guys.  Now that’s how I want to be when I’m even older …. on a bench, in a park, with a great friend, putting the world to rights.





Sunshine and orecchiette.

A lazy day today.  The weather is glorious so it was only right to use the stunning terrace for a bit of RnR today.

Did have a bit of a roam and found a great little corner store selling fresh cuts of meat and cheese. As I’m hoping to be back here later this year it’s a great find!

Showered, changed and out into the city to soak up Saturday.  A glass of primitivo and some tarelli first at Mamma Elvira Enotica then a bowl of orecchiette for dinner.

Simple but honest fayre…

plus a nice ladder


Cena con uno Michelin star!

Late afternoon and I drove to Martina Franca to meet my lovely friend Gio of the fabulous Green Italy Tours.  He was my greatest find this time last year and became a good friend. We had a wander around Martina Franca. Another lovely town.


Then back to Ostuni and dinner in the hotel’s restaurant. Now I don’t often eat like this so it was a real treat but my goodness what a treat. Appetisers that were imaginative and unexpected. Olives that were really olive jellies, an aperol spritzer served in ice and within a white chocolate ball,  crispy sesame,   The list goes on.


The whole meal was fantastic. Then a walk back into the square and a nightcap at Coffee and More…


Ostuni. The white city.

I don’t think I talked much about Ostuni when I was here last year. Partly because I didn’t spend enough time here. I’m glad to be putting that right.

Ive spent today wandering around the back alley ways and enjoying the calm. At this time of year there are few tourists so it’s yours for the taking.

Its a beautiful place

And you can even take your garden with you if you move……





Io sono così felice di dire che sono tornato in puglia ( I am so happy to say I’m back in Puglia)

it’s been a long time and I’m sorry for the silence but it’s been busy and I’ve been plotting…. more of that another time.

Im so happy to be back in Puglia. I arrived in Ostuni yesterday to blue skies….  for two days I’m staying in luxury but then it’s a treat. Marking the end of my fiftieth year.

The views are stunning and I can breathe again…

It’s good to be here……

Thank you EasyJet

Thanks to EasyJet and their super advanced deals I followed my impulse and have booked to spend my last few days of my 50th year where it all began.

This love affair with Puglia is far from over and I  think I have been on a long journey personally too.  I’ve met great people who I hope will remain in my life and I’m learning the most beautiful (and frustrating) language.

So the blog is activated again and as I plan for the year’s end I will keep you posted.