This morning I drove south of Montalcino to just outside Castelnuovo dell’Abbate where you find Abbazia Di Sant’Antimo. This Abbey, unlike yesterday’s, still has a roof and monks. Beautiful choral music song by the monks plays inside.  It was built around the 1100s although the original church was 10th century.  According to the info, it’s “by far” the most important Romanesque building in Tuscany.

As you drive up to it it is certainly impressive.


And as you would expect surrounded by stunning scenery.


Inside it’s simple, almost honest in its humility compared with so many others I’ve seen.   It’s role was in part to support pilgrims on their journey so I guess the intention was to use their wealth for that.


Although great craftsmanship was evident on the outer doors


In the grounds they grow medicinal herbs and flowers plus there is an apiary and above all that a bit of tranquility.