After the espresso, and with new energy, I had an equally stunning drive towards Montalcino.  I detoured enroute to a hilltop town called Sant’Angelo in Calle as I’d heard about a local restaurant famed for slow food that was freshly picked from the gardens.  And it was closed! Their loss my gain as it happens as I walked across the small piazza to the Trattoria il Pozzo.

A glass of Brunello ( this one from the Brizio vineyard- there are over 240 vineyards in this area)


I started with an insalate  zucchini e pecorino ( it’s a local speciality)


Followed by gnocchi with truffle in season


The olive oil is divine- the only way to enjoy Tuscan bread Dip it!   The oil is peppery and delicious.  We are so mislead by supermarket oil- it’s nothing like pure, local, quite honestly nectar!  Not just wine for the gods…I bet they dipped in olive oil too.

You know you’ve stumbled across a great place when the locals are treated like old friends.  And the food……  the salad was fresh and tasty and the gnocchi – I died….. honestly that was a perfect last meal…..  I have never tasted gnocchi like it and the truffle…..


It’s a lovely place with stunning views



Full and happy. I moved on….