This morning I drove through stunning forests, up and down hillsides on my way to Abbazia di  San Galgano.   The first gothic abbey to be built in Tuscany in the 13th century, it was inhabited until plague drove the monks to Siena.

The bell tower was hit in a storm and collapsed taking the roof with it. So it’s open to the elements.

The best thing about coming off season…empty car parks


A lovely stroll along a tree lined avenue towards the abbey.  Hay bales on one side that Constable would weep over and views all around.


Once there only a few people so good clear photos without rogue tourists in the background. Although I had to wait ages for one woman to move.  She was rooted to the spot.  If she’d been looking over her shoulder I’d have sworn she was a replica of Lot’s wife!  Look it up if you don’t know the reference (it’s my attempt at a biblical joke).

Beautiful place.  Very serene.  The Monks sure know how to pick a good spot.  Location location location

Stunning.   An espresso lungho in the cafe and off to the next new find…..