Mount Etna.   The forge of Zeus!

Anyone who is anyone went to Etna.  Zeus, Hadrian, me….

Etna is an interesting place.  Not the classic one crater, red molten lava but many craters, slow lava but giant boulders.  And a ski location in winter.  The Romans used ice from Etna as the first form of refrigeration and it is the origin of ice cream   Initially in the form of granita (crushed ice) and then in later years, more in the form we know now.  Grazie Etna.

From below it looked very cloudy and oppressive and for those who stayed at base camp, it remained so.  A cable car journey of about 15 minutes takes you higher where many choose to walk along lower craters.  But the decision to go on up in jeeps to two craters created in an eruption in 2011 was a great decision.  As we arrived the clouds parted above and Etna’s peaks were revealed in all their glory


We looked down into one of the craters


And then walked around the ridges between the two.  The lava gives off a gentle heat and you can pick up pieces to warm the hands.  I kept a piece to see how long it stayed warm ( it was cold by the time we got back in the jeep so not ideal for BBQs ).

As quickly as it clears, the clouds return and views in all directions come into view and disappear as fast



Its mystical and magical and invigorating!

You are warned not to go if you have medical issues because of the altitude but if you can safely it’s so worth it.

And that’s it.   An afternoon relaxing in the Sicilian sun, dinner outside on the terrace, cannoli for dessert (sorry didn’t take a photo myself but have “borrowed” this one and they looked exactly like this!)

And now packing for an early return to the UK

I’ve loved Sicily and hope to return.  Of course Puglia is where my heart is but I have a renewed desire to explore more of Italy.  I hope you will come with me.  Until the next adventure.  Ci vediamo e baci.