Off we went today to Siracusa, one of the original landing ports for the ancient Greeks and because of its prime location, a real jewel.  Full of history, mythology and churches. Except these churches sometimes began life as a temple, the church, plus mosque and synagogue. A cacophony of religious fervour.

On the way we heard the story of a small town called Bronte where all the pistachios are grown in Sicily. A fascinating story that does link to the literary Brontes!  It includes hero worship of Lord Nelson.  If you’re interested let me know and I’ll tell you the story.

So on arrival I went to the market, a vibrant place, full of spices, cheeses, fish and a fantastic array of fruit and veg


…..and of course I bought some Bronte pistachios.

From here I passed the Temple of Apollo


Passed a glorious fountain


To the outstanding, in the true sense, cathedral.


It began as a Greek temple and a church was built within its walls so Greek columns just sit randomly abandoned within the walls


It also contains the elbow of Saint Lucy or Lucia!  Another long story…

Here are a few other pictures from within

From here I went to an adjacent church where there is a Caravaggio on display. Reportedly one of his last, it’s dark and impressive but no photos allowed!

Religious places visited, I move on to mythology…