Right on the harbour in Siracusa surrounded by salt water there is a pool filled with fresh water.  Full of carp, it’s an extraordinary anomaly.  But it’s been fully explained.  You see there was a nymph who was chased by a god who turned into a human to chase her but she wanted to escape so was turned into a stream. But would you believe it, this was a river god, so he got the girl because he changed back into a river and mixed into her stream!  Cheeky!

From here I went roaming, around the old Jewish quarter and into random side streets.  I love getting lost in these little streets. It’s so atmospheric and feels closer to how things might have been without a touristy shop in sight!

I met up with the others to do a boat trip round the harbour.  Great to get on the water!  A good way to see the castle too.  Every city has a castle!