I spent a lovely day yesterday having lunch with Jemma.  She’s kind of my heroine.  She decided to up sticks and buy a house just outside the city with land and has proceeded to tile, plaster, build, grow, prune her olive trees and establish a lovely life.  Yes there are difficult moments but I admire her for taking the leap and doing it.  It’s inspiring!

The lovely thing about Ostuni is that it’s smaller so the chances of bumping into people are greater.  As I parked up on arrival my lovely Gio was literally walking down the road next to my parking space.  Then while Jemma and I were having lunch, the fab lady that is Bobbie drove past tooting her horn.


A while later Gio appeared with a couple he had been having lunch with and joined us for coffee.  Then the gorgeous Grace arrived with her family who are visiting.

It’s quite an expat community!!

No pictures from the day but it was a lot of fun and the sun shone.  Lunch was amazing as it always is a Coffee & more.  And I got a going home present – almonds fresh from Jemma’s land.  Perfect.