Today I met up with an old friend,Gio, from Green Italy Tours.   When I first came last year he was my lucky find and has since become a great friend.  So I was thrilled at the thought of spending the day with him and a lovely client from New York.

We met in Lecce which gave me a chance to do my favourite thing…meander down streets.

From Lecce we drove South to Otranto.  Now I have been before….this is my fourth visit.  But what is great is that there are always new things to see and lovely things to return to.

The views are stunning out to sea

Followed by a return visit to the Cathedral.   This has a floor mosaic dating back to the 1200s that is expansive and elaborate.  It amazes me that the public can walk all over it and somehow it survives.

And downstairs there are beautiful frescos.


And then to somewhere new.  Just around from the castle was a little church.  The church of Saint Peter. Very small and quite plain on the exterior but the interior is quite spectacular.

We then drove down the coast towards Castro for a delicioso lunch.  Stopping for a view or two.

Lunch done we headed to some grottos.  Sadly by now the rain had arrived so no boat trip but inside the Grotto it was warm and dry.  And then on to Tricase -another new little town for me but now more famous as Helen Mirren has a place nearby.


I can see why she likes this spot!

After a coffee, we headed back to Lecce and I headed home.  My lovely host had left me this…..well it would be rude not to