I will never tire of seeing the wonderous beauty inside the Vatican walls….even if my feet try and tell me otherwise.

We followed advice and booked a tour to avoid the madness of the queues.  It helps as you see the long line of people trying to shade themselves from the heat of the day while moving in snakelike formation across the square.  It doesn’t empty the inside rooms though of the hoards of people. Trump was due a few days later…  I bet he didn’t have to worry about that.  Mind you no one seemed too thrilled he was coming either..I think Michaelangelo would have added a comment or two hidden in one of his paintings for sure!!

Nevertheless if you can try and ignore the crowds and just appreciate the glory,  it is a fantastic experience.

If you are impressed with the exteriors then the interiors will overwhelm……

And there is a stunning rotating sculpture in one of the interior courtyards that caught my eye (and that of a seagull who sat on top for a while slowing turning round taking in the mass of tourists learning about the Sistine Chapel!)


No photos are allowed inside the Chapel. But it’s truly stunning.

Three hours barely scratches the surface and it’s not my first visit.   What a place!