I can’t believe it’s gone so fast. I wanted to make the most of today, so up and out for my morning coffee


As I was sitting in the Piazza D’Oronzo and people watching, it struck me how old sits with new. Building wise that is. Immediately behind the beautiful seat of Lecce is a modern building built during starker times.


And yet somehow they both have found their place. I guess that’s what I feel about this place.  Historic buildings aren’t tucked away, or developed beyond recognition, it just is as it is. All are occupied and used for whatever purpose they suit. It’s not so much a historic city but a living history.

Still some thing’s do belong in a museum for protection and I went around the archeological museum today. It was quiet and I was the only person there. They opened it up for me and let me roam at my leisure. Actually a real treat to do. Stopping for as long as I wished, asking questions of the curator because it was just me and her. My own private tour.

The building is also magnificent as you would expect. With a beautiful courtyard.

When I was finished I sat and had a caffe in ghiaccio con latte di Mandorla for the final time and for research purposes only purchased a pasticciotto. It’s a local delicacy – a pastry pie filled with egg custard.


Had to be done. And I had to bite into it or how else could I show you the inside.

Off to dinner tonight with the lovely Gio. Perfect way to end this trip.

Ti voglio bene Lecce.