When I leave the apartment and walk into the main square I just never know what I’m going to find. Tonight within seconds of leaving the apartment, I could hear drums. I followed the sound and a big group of people were turning into the Piazza Duomo holding balloons.  It was some kind of procession but I’m not sure what. What was lovely was that it was all families. Once they were all in the Piazza, the drums started again, the boys waved flags and then hundreds of balloons were released into the night sky. My photos were mostly rubbish but here are a couple to capture the flavour.


It’s a beautiful night here in Lecce and the Piazza looked stunning all lit up


So it was definitely time for a gelato. Well not quite. I went for a yogurt   but with miele e noci.   Delicioso.


Early start tomorrow up to Ostuni.