I’m not the biggest meat eater..once in a blue moon. So when Carmen, my fantastic Italian teacher and hopefully now also someone I can call a friend, invited me to dinner at La Locanda del Macellaio,  a steakhouse, I was happy to give it a go.  We were joined by two of her friends and work partners, Elaine and Enrico. It’s a great place.  You are greeted by a display of meat and you choose your dinner which is then cooked for you.


Not a vegetable in sight so not for the non meat eaters at all. Apart from being really tasty, it was a fun night using a mix of English and Italian.   Elaine is a lovely northern lass who’s lived here for 6 years. Enrico a local, like Carmen. So it was a great chance for me to give it a go. After dinner we went for a drink to an outside bar that had a live band. More people to meet. More italiano spoken. It was a good night!