..what a difference a day makes.  Woke up this morning to an amazing thunderstorm.  The rain cascaded down outside my window and the lightning was very dramatic.


So I used it as an excuse for a lazy morning until the rain passed and then I went for a stroll. Just outside my apartment this greets me every day


It looks like post the Birth of Venus, she came to stay and left the shell outside. You get the feeling the palazzo was built for someone’s great love. I hope so at least.

What to do on an overcast day in Lecce. Well this of course


Whilst sitting there slowly sipping, I noticed lots of people going in and out of a palazzo directly opposite. I couldn’t see a name but after my drink and a bite to eat, I wandered in.  By now the sun was back out and it was beautiful inside.


I’m glad I did. I’m going to try and find out it’s name but for now it’s the Mystery Palazzo to me.

I’m out tonight for dinner with Carmen, my Lecce Italian teacher. She has promised me perfect pizza and lots of people so I’m looking forward to it.  I’ll report back.