I can’t quite seem to tear myself away from the blog. Coming back to Brighton has been a strange feeling. My cat was decidedly nervous of me at first but has quickly settled back in to snuggling in mode and demanding attention. It was my mum’s birthday on Thursday so I drove up to see my parents which was a lovely distraction. Weird getting in my car after 5 weeks!  The brakes took a bit of time warming up but otherwise it appeared to have survived the 5 weeks in tact….

…or so I thought. Friday was a different story. I walked up to see my hairdresser and discovered he hasnt paid the rent and has disappeared.  Never mind, I thought, its a beautiful sunny day, I was off to meet a friend for a lovely walk in Stanmer Park. I put the roof down on my car, drove to the park……and couldn’t close the roof.  Walk abandoned, I ended up back at my garage and looking at new cars!  The new Fiat 500 has caught my eye but I’m not sure that’s not just nostalgia for Italy.


It’s not this exact car but it is this colour. Do I buy it??