Trani has a rich Jewish history. Frederick II was very fair with the Jews and they were welcomed under his reign. At one time 4 synagogues existed in the area but after the Jews were expelled all were turned into Churches. One has now been turned back into a synagogue. It was closed but looked interesting. Unusual to have the Magen David (Star of David) above  Church bell.


The synagogue was dated back to 1244.  It then became the Church of Our Lady of Scolanova ( after being Church of our Lady of Graces and the Church of our Lady of the Nativity)

After visiting a shul you have to eat…so I settled down to my final celice di rosato and some sun

photo 2


Then I strolled around to the other side of the port to the beautiful gardens of the Villa Comunale


I love that someone changes the stones every day to make sure the date is correct

photo 3


And finally some pictures of Trani in sunshine…