…and it certainly does. It hasn’t stopped raining all day today.  But that hasn’t stopped me. I left Vieste this morning and was very sad to leave such a lovely group of people who work at Il Castellino Relais. They were fantastic. My leaving gift was to correct the English on their feedback form. Paola was very happy about that! I got a big hug.

I left the area using Route 3 which was travelling along the coastline for as long as possible before going through several tunnels and ending up back on the autostrada all the way to Trani.

Eventually found my B&B. Lovely host, Celeste, and nice big room. Sadly the balcony won’t get a look in. Actually it’s really a shared terrace!

Having unpacked, I decided to embrace the rain and go to Castro del Monte. It has recently been closed for a week while they filmed Wonder Woman there, so I’ve been lucky timing wise. It’s an interesting place. In the middle of nowhere. Not built for security or any reason other than to show power. It’s an octagon so there is a link with religion and power.

From the outside


photo 3

And the inside…


Lots of the castle’s marble and works has been plundered but you can still see how magnificent it once was.


There’s even internal loos and plumbing!

photo 4


And in the towers there are some stunning detailed faces. This one includes a woman laughing hysterically!


Sadly because of the rain the view wasn’t that great but I imagine on a sunny day it’s quite magical

photo 2


So, I’m now back in Trani. I’m going to have to venture out again in the rain to find somewhere to have a bite to eat. I’ve checked the weather for tomorrow. Rain/showers in the morning but sunny in the afternoon. That’ll do me.