I can honestly say I have been extremely lucky with the weather over the last 5 weeks. Today was the first time I have woken to real rain. Not just dribbles or showers but full belt, darkened skies rain!  And my reaction. Perfetto. I get a lie-in. No rush to get up and off. A steady start, a tasty breakfast and then a bit of Italian.

I did go into Vieste old town for lunch. I found a quaint little taverna nestling in the narrow streets of the old city and had a yummy orecchiette with a pesto and almond sauce. A few grilled veggies on the side and I was very happy. Coffee to finish then back to the hotel and a relaxing read.

The sun is now shining and all is once again alright with the world.

This is my last night in Vieste. I move on to my final stop tomorrow. Trani. I can’t quite believe I only have a couple more days left. Where has the time gone???????!

No more photos today I didn’t think one of the rain was entirely necessary!