I woke to a beautiful morning and kept my fingers crossed that a grotto/coastline boat trip would happen today. I’ve been waiting for a day when a group or two has booked to tag along. They won’t go just for little ol’ me.

Ever hopeful, I got up early, had breakfast and the lovely Paola in Reception made the call.  And we got the green light. So I drove down to the port, went to the wrong boat, which was heaving with people, and happily discovered I was going on a smaller one with just one group of very lively pensioners from Rimini.

I got a few suspicious looks at first but once they discovered I was English they all wanted to show me what they knew. ,”sit down”, “thank you very much” “shut up”. It was all a bit random but they were a delight.

And so was the coast. We went up the side of the coast from Vieste to the tip of the Gargano. Lots of spectacular beaches and stunning grottos. The boat went into the tiniest of grottos to many ” bravo” and claps from the appreciative crowd.

I took loads of pictures but here are a few. Leaving Vieste behind….


Passed a few arches in the rocks, a fisherman’s system that I’ve mentioned previously and a number of seagulls to make me feel at home!


Then the grottos


And back to Vieste..

Quite a good way to spend three hours, don’t you think?

I then went for possibly the worst pasta I have had in my whole time in Italy. However, when she saw I wasn’t eating it, she redeemed herself and the restaurant by bringing me a slice of the most delicious ricotta and pear cheesecake. She was completely forgiven!

The rest of the day was spent reading my book by the pool. I fear the last such day as the wet weather is predicted to arrive tomorrow for the next few days. Let’s see.