This is high on a hilltop. The original structure under the Basilica was believed to have been built in the late 5th century. The cave then had other rooms attached to it.  The archangel Michael is said to have appeared here. The Basilica still holds services in the cave. One was going on when I arrived so I couldn’t take photos but it’s an incredibly spiritual place. You can feel the energy of all the pilgrims who’ve come over the centuries and graffitied the walls of the stairwell that leads down to the cave. My only sadness was that there were so many tour groups it was hard to just absorb it all.

The famous bronze door was created in 1076!


I then went to the Tomb of Rhotaris. It’s actually not a Tomb but there was a mistranslation of dome which was added to the Baptisery in the 12th century.

And then there’s the castle. Stunning views and you can go inside the tower and wander down the narrow halls, minding your head as you go!!


What a day. I drove back through the Forest. Still no sign of the deer!  Apparently there are only two groups of protected deer in Italy. Here and near Rome!

Although it’s breezy, there was time to relax in the sun after a fab drive and day. This one’s for those in the UK dodging the snow flurries