A great night sleep in a wonderfully comfortable bed. This is the morning view this morning

Not bad eh?

This hotel is lovely but just to give you an idea of the difference between my terrace and the balcony rooms. Here they are. Don’t get me wrong I would have been very happy with any of them (she thought as she swayed on her hammock).


It really is a pretty hotel and I’ve passed quite a few here that definitely miss the mark. It’s 3* because the restaurant is only for breakfast and there is no porter. But it’s incredible.   Still to have the breakfast but the reviews have been spot on so far so fingers crossed. Just nice not to be making my own.

Oh and I just wanted to post the most stunning photo the delightful Sheila took of some wild flowers further south. Sheila and Ed were the other couple on my cookery course. It was her birthday too!  I was so lucky it was such a great little group of people and I hope we will all stay in touch.


There are no words…..