I went for a stroll late morning around Vieste. The old town is very quaint with narrow streets. It’s a bit of a ghost town at the moment although I do pass other tourists. Mind you, I’m embarrassed to say the ones that were completely unfriendly were a small group of elderly English tourists. Clearly on a group and very rude!  Shame on them.

But back to Vieste. A few pics


I can imagine it’s not so pleasant when it’s mobbed in the summer.

After lunch, a plate of grilled courgette and aubergine, followed by orecchiette pomodoro, I went for a drive.  Well, it was holiday village after holiday village. This place must be heaving in the summer.  I went on to Peschici. Sadly my least impressed moment. Maybe I missed the best bit but I quickly retreated back to Vieste. However, en route I passed the Trabucchi. These are typical constructions from the area used for fishing. A complex system of wooden poles, wires and pulleys operate it. They are no longer in use but 7 survive and are protected as historic monuments.

I’m waiting to hear when, if, I can do a boat tour of the grottos. Hopefully will get a chance but it depends on demand.

Back at the hotel for a relaxing evening. Feeling a bit tired after yesterday’s drive.