It was with a certain amount of sadness that I packed away the last few things and left my little house in Lecce. I have had a great 4 weeks so was nervous about what was to come.

It’s a long drive to Vieste.   About 340 kms. So it was going to take a while. Fortunately Gio was picking up his friend Amanda from the airport this morning so we arranged to meet in Polignano. It’s about a third of the way so a good breaking point, plus I know it.

It was beautiful there today.

photo 1

We had a lovely lunch. I had pasta filled with cheese and a pistachio sauce.  Delicious, every bite. It was great to meet Amanda too and Gio’s dog, Bob. Quite the cutie (Bob not Gio – although Gio does have the best giggle on the planet!)

So (sorry Karl) off I set and a few hours later found myself driving up and down several mountainsides on roads that twisted and turned for ever. But oh my, the views were breathtaking. I stopped a couple of times to take pics. It had to be done.


And eventually I arrived in Vieste.   My hotel is fab. Il Castellino Relais. I found it through and you can never be sure but it rated out 9 and all I really care about is that it’s clean and liveable in.  Well it’s lovely.   Surrounded by a wall, it has a lovely drive up with a tennis court and swimming pool. It’s a sweet pink. And the lovely paola in reception has upgraded me to what they call a junior suite. I don’t think the room is any different. BUT. I booked a balcony and I got the biggest roof terrace ever. I have my own big round seater, my own hammock and table and chairs and enough room to swing all the cats in Rome!!


That is my door onto the roof in the picture on the right. And the views are stunning. Lucky me!  They are quiet at the moment but even so. I brought some night candles to light on the terrace one night!

The restaurant is only for breakfast but at least it’s from 730 to 1130. None of this all done by 9. And just outside the restaurant is a little terrace which gets the sun to early evening. Might sit down there and see who is around if I miss everyone ( if there is anyone else) staying here.



Took myself into the main part of town for some dinner. It’s definitely still out of season but things are open and the locals are out and about.

Not enough tourists around for organised Tours but that’s OK. I’ve got the car. I want to go to a couple of places. I’ll be reporting back.