I can’t believe that 4 weeks have already gone by. I tell you folks savour every moment. It passes by too fast!

Leaving Lecce tomorrow morning to travel north to Vieste at the top of Puglia. It’s about a 4 hour drive but I’m breaking it up to meet a friend in Polignano a Mare. I have mixed feelings about leaving. I want to see more of Puglia but feel like my heart will remain in Salento. You never know. Open mind and all that…  I’m also moving from having my own place to staying in a hotel so that will be interesting.

But just before I go. One last post about Lecce. The old city is a walled city. When it got full, homes started to be erected just outside the walls. And they are equally as stunning. My car is currently parked next to these two beauties..


What a world of untold history lies below the foundations of all these magnificent buildings both inside and outside the city walls.


Tornerò ( as Arnie once said!)