..I sat on my roof terrace this morning and despite the weather report saying rain, it was in fact a beautiful morning. However the sky did look a bit like a scene from the Simpsons and then I started trying to decide what this cloud most reminded me of…

photo 1.JPG

I’m going with a smiling chick. But happy for other suggestions.

It’s a national holiday today so the roads are quiet, no one woke me early with their cars or workmen on the nearby house being converted. Lovely.

After a bit of reading on the terrace, I decided to go into the city for a glass of Rosato and a bite to eat. Today was cheese rolled inside aubergine. Sorry no picture.

I came home and thought about doing some Italian revision on the roof top but got sidetracked by this having just emerged on the terrace

photo 2.JPG

Beautiful isn’t it.

Oh and they were right about the weather just a bit delayed but it’s absolutely pouring down now.  There has been the odd shower, or overnight rain but this is my first real daytime downpour to be fair since I first got here so I really can’tcomplain.

And it will help the flowers…should be sunny tomorrow though. Well you wouldn’t want it to go on too long.