So today started with a bit of a shock. No hot water. So a freezing cold shower woke me up good and proper.

I met Gio early as he had offered to drive me to Polignano a Mare. He was meeting Tina and Carol, the lovely ladies from Wednesday. They had a full day planned ahead but I did have a little wander around with them.

It is truly stunning


You can take a boat to tour the grottos below. Maybe another day. I was on a mission to pick up my hire car.  I caught the train from Polignano (and remembered to validate the ticket this time) and then the shuttle bus to Bari airport.   I used the airport to save £££ for same location pickup and drop off.  Avis were great. Although they upgraded me. Now normally I would cheer but I now have quite a big car which may not be so great in smaller cities. However, I am now mostly motorway driving so the benefits of having a safer car is probably better.  Very easy to drive and Sally Satnav did her job!

On the way back to Lecce I decided to stop for a very late lunch in Polignano. In the morning we had met a friend of Gio’s – yes he knows everyone – who owns a vegan/veggie/gluten free restaurant called Mint. Well. OMG.  The food was spectacular. They started me off with a soup – cold but delicious no idea what it was. Then I went for a three dish. Raw spiralized zucchini/courgette with an avocado sauce, fuselli gluten free made entirely from peas with a cashew nut sauce and quinoa with raisins and other goodies. An espresso to finish. Well worth the stop and the owners are just the nicest couple!


Easy drive back to Lecce from there. As I approached Lecce the police had blocked off the turning I needed but as I approached they opened it up. Someone is smiling down on me!

Home, hot shower. Happy!