So today I was back out with Gio from Green Italy Tours. I was joining him and two lovely ladies from the States, Tina and Carol. We drove from Lecce to Ostuni. The view as you approach Ostuni is breathtaking..


photo 1

photo 2 and the wild flowers are beautiful.


On arrival we stopped for a coffee and some of Gio’s colleagues joined us. The lovely Angela, Francesca and Gianfranco. ..

photo 1

This is Gio. Look at the jug full of tomatoes. What a great and novel way to dress a cafe table!

photo 4

We then went for a walk around Ostuni..


Then (and my favourite part of the day) we had lunch. More friends of Gio joined us. The fabulous Bobby who splits her time between LA, Ostuni and Brighton!! And the welcoming Grace Kelly ( yes!) and her partner Francesco. Lunch was delicious, fun and appropriately long!

We were taking the ladies to their new stop in Bari. En route we stopped in Monopoli. Another beautiful seaside town.


photo 2

Obviously the need for more coffee!  So another little stop.

Then we arrived in Bari. Gio insisted we went to the church of Saint Nicholas. Apparently you haven’t done Bari if you haven’t popped in there.  I didn’t like to take a photo inside because someone was leading a rosary but the outside is impressive too…

photo 3

Back to Lecce 12 hours later. A bit of Italian homework and bed.   I feel I’ve made some lovely new friends here. I am one lucky and happy lady!