So the day began with my second Italian lesson. A brilliant session with the fabulous Carmen!  It’s like filling in the gaps. Thanks to my Italian teacher in Brighton, the lovely Nicla, the basics are there but now I’m pulling them together a bit more.


After the class I had a little stroll through the City’s main garden.

It’s a very pretty place.

I then stopped off near Piazza D’Oronzo for a light bite. Those who know me well will know this is unusual fare for me but boy was it delicious

photo 3

I couldn’t help myself when the young waiter came over when I had finished  and asked me if he could “put the plate”. I had to correct him!  I immediately said sorry but that I am an English teacher and I hoped he didn’t mind. He said not at all and went over and i saw him tell his colleagues. The three waiters working there then all came over and asked for private lessons!!!!  I explained that I’m not here for very long but they could ask away while I am here for free.

A relaxing rest of today. Some Italian homework to do and some washing!

The lovely Gio ( not the Gio of last night) has invited me to join him on a trip on Wednesday to meet some friends of his. So who am I to pass up an opportunity for more socialising. More of that on Wednesday.