…so back we went via a wine shop for a mini explanation of the Puglia wines.

Our orecchiette were ready to cook we just had to prepare the veg, grate the parmigiana and prepare dessert.


Then we sat down, had a lesson in Italian primo courses around Italy and the variations that you find, more delicious wine and the pasta was served..


Followed by pan grilled (griddled I suppose) aubergine, courgette and a leek looking onion.  All done with no oil. The way to go is little oil in cooking, add the oil for eating. And boy is it delicious.

For dessert we had baked pears, sprinkled with vanilla pod flavoured sugar and on top was sweetened ricotta. The ricotta was mixed with the vanilla flavoured sugar.  It was delightful.

photo 3

A wonderful day with great people and I’d highly recommend The Awaiting Table if you are coming to Lecce. A joy. And I might do it all again next week!

Well if I am to do this dinner party on returning home I need to practise as much as possible!