..we stopped to look at Villa Sticchi. A very Moorish looking Villa and quite spectacular…

This was in a place called Cesarea. Following on from here we stopped in Castro or under Castro to visit the Grotta Zinzulusa. A stunning grotto where they found vases dating back 5000 years and graffiti written in poo from the early 1900s. Yes I said poo. It was full of excrement (putting it politely) and that’s what people used.  It’s amazingly well preserved and they can’t remove it because it will cause more damage. No more poo I’m pleased to report. A few bats remain in a side cave that’s not open to the public. But you can hear them.  And apparently two prehistoric types of shrimp and one prehistoric sponge still breed there.  Queue the Spongebob squarepants joke from very camp Guide who was more interested in letting us know about his hunt for a husband and love of lipstick than the actual stalagmites and stalactites. He was good fun though.  My camera took rubbish photos but here’s one that survived

photo 3

Then after a couple more “you must see the view” stops we arrived at the end of Puglia and Italy. Exactly half way between Rome and Jerusalem. S.Maria Leuca. We were greeted by a welcoming angel

photo 2

And the view of the port

photo 1-3


And finally Gallipoli. A fishing port where market was beginning around the boats that had just arrived back. Another cathedral…my last of the day

Home exhausted but can tick off a few places from my list!