It’s been an interesting couple of days around Lecce. Yesterday we did a tour of Baroque Lecce. So the Basilica featured highly and the Piazza Duomo.  Pictures to follow…


Today we did underground Lecce. They discovered a synagogue next to the Basilica about 2 years ago when an underground restaurant was being renovated and the lovely Michaelangelo has made it his life’s passion, although not Jewish, to uncover this history that the region has done its best to forget. Using his own money because the municipality didn’t want to know, he has been creating a museum showing the mikvot, the entrances, the structures and whatever else he can find.  The B&B attached has a room with the altar and original column of the church built above the synagogue in it. So you can sleep surrounded by history.

We then went to a museum in a private house. Again doing renovations a number of lower layers was discovered and the family decided to dedicate the house to history and dig down. I climbed down several metres into an old cistern. Incredible!  There were symbols on the walls relating to the Knights Templar and many many more amazing finds!

Who knows what lies immediately below the palazzo where I’m sleeping!