So my first mistake. I had a great flight even got a veggie option for brekkie. Coffee was shocking but it was comfy and quick.
Brief wait for previously shamed heavy bag and found shuttle bus to train station waiting outside. Went to ticket office and asked for my train ticket in Italian. Successful but his smile suggested a possible faux par or two. Found the platform. Stairs!!! Not so rejoicing in said heavy case. And so much for “someone will help you”. Not a whisper. Anyway found train, got seat. Felt smug!

Then the ticket inspector came along and speaking no english explained I needed to have validated the ticket before getting on ( and no the ticket office man hadn’t warned me) and I should normally have to pay a €50 fine. Sono inglese. I kept saying. Giving my best smile. Eventually he tutted, scribbled on the ticket and moved on. So. The outcome of this is when in Rome do as the Romans and validate. OK I’m in Bari but that wouldn’t have worked as well!