It may only be for 5 weeks but somehow this trip has required a lot of prep work.

I found my apartment in Lecce nearly 9 months ago so that was the easy bit. My flights were booked at a similar time. Mind you both have since changed timings…..not that BA have officially told me.  Found out that my flight changed from a respectable 1130 am to an unsociable 730. So now a very early start is in order…

But that’s not all.  I’m passing on some tips given to me in case it helps you plus a couple more of my own…

  1. Get a credit card that doesn’t charge for overseas transactions just the direct exchange rate of the day…check them out.  Thanks Jo for this one.
  2. Get a roll up travel vacuum pack.  Towels melt down to very little. Perfect for an already challenged packing scenario – not looking forward to that but space is limited so this should help
  3. Get a double plug socket converter.  Yes you too can charge two things at once!
  4. If you plan to hire a car like me then discover the brilliant annual excess insurance you can buy instead of the “cover thingie that hire companies add at the end to scare you with threats of £1000s for denting a wheel hub insurance”.  No idea this existed but it does. Will save a fortune and apparently my dad has known about this for years!!
  5. Check you have a safety cushion limit set up on your mobile so you don’t come back to huge bills.
  6. Drive yourself mad booking and cancelling hotels and b&bs on  Free cancellation is great but choice can sometimes be overwhelming.
  7. Take a ball of string. Jo says it’s perfect for impromptu washing lines and all sorts.